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Programme Bonne Gouvernance: Youth-Lead Democracy Project (DRC)

[ENGLISH] In August, 2011, Nomadic Wax led a team of youth experts to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to conduct workshops on music and activism. The three weeks of workshops took place in Kinshasa, Kikwit, and Bukavu.

[FRENCH] En Aout 2011, Nomadic Wax a encadré une équipe d’experts en intervention jeunesse lors d’un projet en République Démocratique du Congo visant a animer des ateliers sur la musique et l’activisme. Les trois semaines d’ateliers se sont déroulées a Kinshasa, Kikwit et Bukavu.

Exec Producer... USAID, DAI, Social Impact
Film Producer... Nomadic Wax
Film Director... Ben Herson (Nomadic Wax)
Director of Photography... Ben Herson (Nomadic Wax)
Writer/Editor... Magee McIlvaine (Nomadic Wax)
Graphic Design... Ben Herson, Magee McIlvaine
Translation... Nantali Indongo, Magee McIlvaine, Louis Dufiuex, K-G, Balozi Dola
Intro Music... DJ Plain View

Project Developer... Ed Rackley (DAI)
Project Lead... Eve Thompson (Social Impact)
Consultant Team (in the field)... Amadou Fall Ba, Nantali Indongo, Ben Herson
Fixer... Martina Perino

Original Songs Recorded On Location:
Final Mix & Audio Post... Dan Cantor (Notable Productions)
Music Director... Nantali Indongo (Nomadic Massive)
Music Production (Kinshasa)... Ben Herson, Jon Emch
Music Production (Bukavu)... Ben Herson, Dan Cantor
Music Production (Kikwit)... Jordan Katunda, Dan Cantor
Vocals (Each Location)... All Participants



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