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Ok where do we start.

You may have seen Deepika and Rabinder's love story, an epic tale of how they met. If you havent you can see it here:


Ashlea Tartaro, I had to thank you for the opening narrative for that piece! It was long overdue and look forward to shooting your wedding very soon!

Ok back to this film...

This had to be...actually is the biggest wedding we have ever filmed. 5 days, new country, new culture, and our very first Indian wedding. It was certainly an experience.

Deepika + Rabinder are a very cool, calm and collected type of couple. They love each other dearly which certainly displays through the film.

Our take on this piece, our longest one yet, was to show the culture of India. Not just to focus on the bride and groom alone. Having this mentality we believe has shown India in its true colours. The loving people, the busy streets, the lovely colours and amazing food! As I said before, it was one awesome experience!!!

Deepika + Rabinder, we (Daniel and Mitch) thank you dearly for having us as guests in your homes, making us feel like one of the family. We personally believe this was a bonus to letting us in on your wedding day happenings and giving us a taste of true Indian culture.

All our requests were fully granted, especially during the Jago. Those little guys wheeling around the generators to give light to shoot in the dark. Thank you so much for that.

Thanks also goes out to your family for making us very welcome. You both are surrounded by some great people. So honoured to be there with you both!

Dan and Mitch.


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