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Beneath the Surface: Community Solutions to the Global Mining Threat (ENGLISH)

BENEATH THE SURFACE is a series of videos that educates, empowers, and connects communities impacted by the mining industry. By sharing stories and practical advice from communities already impacted by mining with communities where mining will soon occur, BENEATH THE SURFACE gives communities around the world a fighting chance against multinational mining corporations.

Beneath the Surface: Community Mapping and Resistance to Mining in Ghana (ENGLISH)

When the Ghanaian government granted an Australian mining company the right to mine for gold in Upper West Region of Ghana, the community of Tanchara was suddenly under threat. The mining spoiled Tanchara’s water and land, stripping the members of the community of not only their health, but also of their values and traditions. Although it took years, organization and determination resulted in victory for Tanchara—the company finally left.

N-Map produced this film as part of our Beneath the Surface series, created to inform rural communities facing mining about their rights, and empower them with legally sound strategies for protecting themselves. Each video in the series features a relevant story from different communities around the world, and exposes the damaging effects of mining, while highlighting the power of unity in the face of powerful multinational corporations. The Tanchara community has a message to anyone facing an extractive project: Unite as a community to identify all of your resources, and then speak as one to stand up for and defend your values.

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