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Legacy Stories

To ensure that today’s stories are preserved for future generations, The National Museum of American Jewish History embarked on a video interviewing project, beginning in April 2016. The Museum partnered with documentary filmmaker Andrew Goldberg – who had previously created a promotional video for the Museum and whose film The Jewish Journey: America was co-produced by the Museum – to record and edit interviews with forty-five prominent American Jews, as they shared insight into their personal experiences and family backgrounds. The Museum selected interviewees whose stories were unique yet resonant, and who represented the far reaches of the country, from Los Angeles to New York, from Connecticut to Oklahoma, and beyond.

Concert promoter Larry Magid remembers listening to Yiddish records with his grandmother

Larry Magid is a music mogul, Tony Award-winning Broadway producer, and Philadelphia legend, having sat at the helm of the Philadelphia music scene for the last 46 years. He established the iconic Electric Factory music venue, as well as helping to pioneer the concert-for-a-cause concept with both Live Aid in 1985 and Live 8 in 2005.

In this interview with NMAJH, Magid fondly recalls listening to old Jewish records with his grandmother, who spoke only Yiddish. “I’m fortunate to be in America,” he reflects. “You know, you always think ‘what if’. What would have happened if I had grown up in the Ukraine? What would my life be like it? I’m very fortunate to be Jewish and an American.”