These Explore Science: Earth & Space toolkit activity and content training videos were developed by the National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Net). These training videos are intended to help museum staff and volunteers feel comfortable while engaging public audiences with activities from Earth and Space toolkits.

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Exploring the Solar System: Story Blocks Content Training Video

This is the content training video for the Exploring the Solar System: Story Blocks activity in the Explore Science: Earth & Space 2020 toolkit.

Story Blocks is a creative, open-ended collaborative storytelling activity. The goal of this activity is to allow for conversation and play while also guiding children and caregivers to develop a strong story about science and exploration. By telling a story, children will learn that astronauts visited the Moon in the past; they’ll also explore the idea that NASA plans to go back to the Moon to make even more discoveries. The young learners will also do a little bit of what scientists do by considering new ideas and asking questions about the unknown.

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