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Nicola Sorcinelli


Teaser Trailer - I SETTE GIORNI DELLA FINE DEL MONDO - Series (Sub. Eng)

I 7 GIORNI DELLA FINE DEL MONDO an original series by Nicola Sorcinelli
Ita. 2014 Hundred Dreams Production.

Brenno Placido
Alessandro Valenti
Alan Cappelli Goetz
Francesca Valtorta
Michele Venitucci
Barbara Folchitto
Linda Gennari
Tamara Balducci
Ilaria Canalini

(All credits at the end of the video)

Provisional Music from “Blood and Stone” - Ivan Torrent Remix by Audiomachine (Main Album: “Remixed”).
All Music belongs to their respective owners. This is a non-monetized video. No copyright infringement is intended. THIS IS MERELY POSTED FOR THE ENJOYMENT OF THE VIEWERS. Audiomachine owns all of the copyrights in the music.



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