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NEFFA Live Online!

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NEFFA Live Online October 2021

7 PM

Aaron Marcus is well-known throughout the country for their performances with Frost & Fire, Giant Robot Dance, and The Turning Stile. Aaron brings exuberant energy, danceability, subtle lyricism, deep emotion, and spontaneity to any band arrangement, whether an accompanist on piano or clogging while playing tunes on concertina. And this can be best exemplified on their recent award-winning solo album, “Men Don’t Cry,” featuring all original music. Aaron most loves to teach percussive step dance, and play for English, Scottish and contra dances locally in Central Vermont.

8 PM

Jim Malcolm is the ultimate Scots troubadour. Traveling the world with his guitar, harmonicas, and engaging wit, he sings the traditional songs of Scotland and his own masterfully crafted songs in a style which is modern and accessible, yet utterly authentic. He is highly regarded as an interpreter of the songs of Robert Burns, and has been described as “one of the finest singers in Scotland in any style”.

An award-winning traditional singer herself, Susie Malcolm sings songs from the North East and has a penchant for ballads. Their 2017 debut album as a duo, "Spring Will Follow On," was warmly received and has been widely played across two continents.

Jim & Susie's concerts are like a musical tour through Scotland’s landscape and history, with humor their constant companion.