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NEFFA Live Online!

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NEFFA Live Online January 2021

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Soumya Rajaram:
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Concert program:

7 PM:
Soumya Rajaram performs and teaches Bharatanatyam dance, a South Indian classical tradition with strong spiritual connections to Hindu religion and mythology. Although originally a hereditary tradition handed down by the Devadasi, the teaching of Bharatanatyam has become institutionalized. Indeed, Soumya came up within a deep lineage of dance teachers trained at the Kalakshetra Foundation in Chennai, India. In addition to her years of dedicated training in the technique and expressive elements of Bharatanatyam, she has extensive training in Carnatic music, which is integral to Bharatanatyam dance.

She performs regularly at festivals and concerts and is thought of highly by senior dance teachers who first brought Bharatanatyam to southern New England. Soumya is an active contributor to the India arts community in Greater Boston. She continues to enhance her learning under the mentorship of Sheejith Krishna, spending a few months a year at his studio and home in Chennai.

7:45 PM
EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks (fiddle) and Peter Zay (cello and guitar) present a lively variety of tunes including old-time, Irish, French Canadian, Swedish and more! EmmaLee and Peter have been collaborating as a duo for about ten years. They enjoy challenging each other to learn new styles of music and varied repertoire. You can see in their performances the comfort and delight they feel in collaborating!

EmmaLee's violin has taken her to concert and recital halls, churches, dance halls, and recording studios around the world where she plays everything from classical to contemporary music, from traditional fiddle tunes to improv. A firm believer that music can move people, quite literally, she plays in contra dance bands across New England and in the Midwest where she enjoys giving energy to people's feet through those lively old-time tunes.

8:30 PM
Dave Curry and Drum Nomads will have us dancing and drumming along as they present live ensemble drumming, with rhythms from different cultural traditions played on a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments.

Dave "Drumhead" Curry is the creator of Drums For One And All: drum circle facilitation, workshop instruction, private lessons, live performances and drum repairs.