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World Premiere Science Song of the Week

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Virus: COVID Edition

By David Haines:
A friendly and informative coronavirus thanks its human host for using
viral RNA to reproduce the virus. Very rhythmic, slightly bluesy.
Mixed and edited by Emilija Baksys, David Bass, and Carla Procaskey
With the singing, acting, and coughing talents of:
Lorraine Adams, Emilija Baksys, Ilan Balzac, David Bass, Craig Burket, Luka Dvornik,
Chris Edel, Leslie Hall, Melinda Hall, Navi Hall, Susan Hall, Katie Hamill,
Laima Jerome, Ram Kelath, Hope Kelley, Liza Kitchell, Katie Leiserson, Luna Leiserson,
Kathy Lindsay, Julie Martz, Glenn McElhoe, Jeff Moore, Liz Morse, Ruth Rogers,
Rachael Shearmur, Richard Walford, and Aimee Yermish