Undergraduate Degree Show 2016


By Sophie Emslie. I aimed to challenge myself so I chose to do a short solo piece inspired by interesting shapes and patterns of organic growth, which is particularly obvious in the elegant forms of underwater marine life. The project shows various types of coral growing in abstract forms, while pulsing to the heart beat of the turtle (inspired by the myth of the "World Turtle") on which they grow.
Given the heavy FX nature of the project, Houdini was chosen as the center of my pipeline as it is the only software package flexible enough to give me the control to implement the procedural algorithms necessary to simulate the coral reef, such as reaction diffusion simulations. This gave me a thorough understanding of Houdini's toolset, from FX, rigging, procedural modelling through to lighting, shading and rendering in Mantra. I also had the opportunity to try out lots of new tools like Mari and Mudbox where I could not achieve my goals procedurally, helping refine my artistic skills. The unique experience I have gained from taking a project from its basic ideas through to a finished piece will no doubt be invaluable in my future career, especially so because I learnt Houdini to a strong level because of it.