Undergraduate Degree Show 2016


Vilomah by Laura Beach, was inspired by the tales and mythologies of Asian and Arctic nomadic cultures; in particular, references to malevolent spirits who steal children away from their families. The title, Vilomah ('against a natural order'), was inspired by a 2009 article written by Duke professor Karla Holloway in which she utilises the Sanskrit word to vocalise the extreme and unique pain a parent feels if they outlive their child. The piece uses the presence of an otherworldly crow spirit as a device to represent our incapacity to shield ourselves from the pain of loss; it is an inevitability that we will all experience at some point. The aesthetic contrast in the lighting of the piece sets the mood of the narrative but I hope it also helps convey my message; pain and loss are indescribably difficult but if we live our lives in fear of these feelings we risk missing out on the vibrancy, beauty and colour contained in the world and people around us. The piece may end on a dark note but parts of our lives do too and that is why I did not shy away from the topic.