Undergraduate Degree Show 2014


A group project by Felix Bauer-Schlichtegroll, Mohrag Taylor, Gordon Marshall and Nikolay Zorov. Artifice is a science fiction short about a struggle between man and machine, in the near future. The story is set in a dark dystopian world where robotic enforcement units keep the populace under the yoke of an oppressive regime. The short follows two resistance fighters, a trainee and a mentor, on a night time mission which takes an unexpected turn.
Inspired by the likes of The Terminator and Sin City, this project was filmed entirely against greenscreen, with the team working hard to composite both the matte painted backgrounds and CG robot renders in all of the 42 shots. The result is a VFX driven short in a form of a trailer, representing the culmination of the team’s skills learnt during their time at the NCCA.