Undergraduate Degree Show 2014

Callum James Showreel

The Hellirinn game tech demo is a first person exploration game that utilises a sonic mechanic to visualise the world in a unique way to find all the pieces of the overall puzzle. Implementation of the sonic pulse render using a multi-pass sobel edge post process was my responsibility as well as a basic scene management system to optimise performance. Our demo also included stereoscopic rendering and tracking support for virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, the integration of which I undertook. As well as a new custom lighting system as anextension to the Gameplay 3D engine, allowing us full control over our environments final visual appearance, I developed a suite of new pipeline development tools that created a more efficient
production process for the artists and programmers. Combining these with my engine modifications
and extensions, we were able to closely match our initial demo concept.