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Masters Degree Show 2013

Maria Vineeta Showreel MSc 2012-13

Showreel by MSC student Maria Vineeta, showcasing various projects undertaken whilst studying at the NCCA at Bournemouth University.
Master’s project, “Delaunay Tetrahedralization(DT) and its dual Voronoi diagram(VD)”. Any convex shape given as input was sampled to obtain random points on its volume using one of the either methods, Ray intersections and Signed distance field(SDF)(used a library). SDF gave better results in generating a DT structure when compared to Ray casting. The points obtained were then used to obtain the DT structure. DT was implemented based on Ledoux’s(2009) paper “Computing the 3D Voronoi Diagram Robustly : An Easy Explanation”. Incremental insertion algorithm based on flipping was used to achieve the DT. From the DT obtained, its dual Voronoi structure was easily obtained.