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Masters Degree Show 2013

Jon Hudson Showreel MSc 2012-13

Showreel by MSC student Jon Hudson, showcasing various projects undertaken whilst studying at the NCCA at Bournemouth University.
Showreel Breakdown
Masters Project – Generate Creatures randomly within user set parameters. Breed Creatures together via Genetic Algorithm using users Aesthetic taste to decide which designs to keep, Any Creature can be automatically and procedurally Rigged at any time.
C++ Project – A Craig Reynolds type Flocking System with the standard behaviours and the new capability to flock based on input image patterns
Maya Project – On the subject of Dynamism: A pocket watch smashing on a table. All aspects of the image created for the project, background and HDRI borrowed.
Houdini Project – City Generator HDA: Set and manipulate zones for different building types, Hand sculpt the terrain and Hand paint additional building zones (also can paint from scratch).
Group Project – Giant objects on Bournemouth Beach. Shot 1 – Sandcastle Shader, Sandcastle and Spade models and Parasol Animation, Shot 2 – Shot Layout and Parasol Animation
C++ Project – Mass-Spring Cloth using a RK4 Integrator