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Masters Degree Show 2013

Honey Sharma Showreel MSc 2012-13

Showreel by MSC student Honey Sharma, showcasing various projects undertaken whilst studying at the NCCA at Bournemouth University.
Showreel Breakdown
1. Soft Body Deformation Dynamics Based on Shape Matching (C++, OpenGL) – an implementation of SIGGRAPH paper “Meshless Deformation Based on Shape Matching”, fast and efficient system to simulate soft bodies.
2. Procedural Building Generator Based on L-Systems (C++, OpenGL) – an implementation of SIGGRAPH paper “Procedural Building Generation”, it takes grammar rules similar to L-Systems to generate variety of buildings which can be taken to Maya using a simple Python script.
3. Shaft 37x25 (3D Game – Group Project) - contributions include storyboard, animatic, cinematic, environment modelling and texturing.
4. Doughnut Shaders (RenderMan – RSL) – work includes a plain and a chocolate doughnut shaders.
5. Free Form Deformation (C++, OpenGL) – an implementation of SIGGRAPH paper “Free-From Deformation of Solid Geometric Models”, it is capable of deforming meshes with ability to load and save OBJ meshes.
6. Procedural City Generator (Houdini) – a digital asset with various options to control city generation.
7. Goddess Wrath (Maya - Still Image) - work includes modelling, texturing, rigging and lighting.