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Masters Degree Show 2013

Carlos Perez Lopez Showreel MSc 2012-13

Showreel by MSC student Carlos Perez Lopez, showcasing various projects undertaken whilst studying at the NCCA at Bournemouth University.
Showreel Breakdown
Crowd Simulation based on Emergent Behaviours is the Master's Thesis of the student. A flexible and scalable approach implemented in C++, where individual behaviours can be scripted in Lua. It is completely physically- based and includes features such as message passing, physical properties adjustment, collision detection, etc.
Rias Baixas Videogame was developed using C++ and SDL2 for handling the player input and holding the OpenGL context. A speedboat with a very valuable parcel must escape while avoiding obstacles on the sea.
Bare-Hands-Tracking in Real Time is the Engineering Final Project. This is a research application which tracks both hands with no extra marker; it is based on the skin colour and special situations such as overlaps are controlled. It works not only for cuacasians but also for afro americans, and it does it in real time.
The Procedural Garden Generator was built using Houdini. This is a completely parametric tool where every attribute can be adjusted in real time due to the power of regular expressions.
The Soap Bubble Shader was written in Renderman Shader Language and it is completely physically-based. Taking base on a paper which explains how light behaves in soap films, the effect of iridescence is recreated following the same stages that happen in real world.
The Tractor Modelling and Shattering Effect for the the group project Tornado.
Still Image about dynamism developed in Maya.