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Masters Degree Show 2013

Rajagopalan Anitha Showreel MSc 2012-13

Showreel by MSC student Anitha Rajagopalan, showcasing various projects undertaken whilst studying at the NCCA at Bournemouth University.
Showreel Breakdown
A wide range of projects have been undertaken during the Masters (MSc) at Bournemouth Univeristy on domains such as Computer Graphics Techniques & Tools to Animation Software Development. The software development and programming projects have been on graphical simulations using C++ and OpenGL involving implementation of complex algorithms and applications of Physics and Mathematical formulae that includes natural simulations like Flocking system and Mass-spring model Cloth simulation. As Masters Project, the cloth simulation project had been extended to real time cloth Simulation using Position Based Dynamics cloth model for clothing animated game characters. During the group project assessment of the course, an iOS adventure game had been developed using Unreal Engine (UDK) with the major role being development of game controls, game play and UI (HUD and Menus) integration using Unreal Scripting language. Additionally, projects on Computer Graphics tools like Maya still image modelling, Texturing and lighting using Autodesk Maya, Houdini garden builder Digital Asset and Renderman shaders have been developed.