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The Paul Clements Collection: Nashville Heritage Oral History Project

Nashville Heritage Project Interview: Interviewee Rachel Halliburton

Date: 01/27/1987
Filmmaker / Production: Cynthia Price - Interviewer, Rachel Halliburton - Interviewee
Preservation: Nashville Metro Archives, Nashville Public Library, Nashville Public Library Foundation
Use: Restrictions; please contact the archive for use
Object ID: 2019.2810
Technical: Compact Audio Cassette
Description: Created by students in Paul Clements' American History Class at The Ensworth School in Nashville, TN for the Nashville Heritage Project. The Project was part of the Century Three Celebration in Nashville. This is an audio only, oral history interview. Interviewer: Cynthia Price; Interviewee: Rachel Halliburton; Date of Interview: 01/27/1987; Place of Interview: Unknown: side A: Life through Great Depression and WWI; River Flood. Notes from Archivist: Cynthia Price, Mary Rachel Halli Burton, South Nashville, Howard School, Paper dolls, Mother made clothes WWI, aristance, Silent films, Nashville Symphony Hume Fogg, Belmont, Cumberland river flood Great Depression, Blair Blvd, Snow days, sledding Shelby Park, Deltas, sorority

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