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James Kilgore Collection

Collection of films preserved by the Metro Archives Audiovisual Heritage Center and shot by Nashville-based filmmaker, James Kilgore. Mr. Kilgore's collection is at the Nashville Metro Archives Audiovisual Heritage Center.

The Sights and Sounds of '77

Date: 1977
Filmmaker / Production: James Kilgore
Preservation: Nashville Metro Archives, Nashville Public Library, Nashville Public Library Foundation
Rights and Use: Creative Commons; some restrictions; please contact the archive
Object ID: 2018.0905
Technical: Super-8mm film; color; magnetic sound track
Description: Opening title card; Man speaking in front of a brick wall introduces the footage; footage of outdoor big band concert with Louis Brown; man playing guitar; potter throwing pottery on a wheel (this may be the Tennessee Craft Fair); woman playing piano; Market Street Festival in Nashville; bluegrass band on a stage; African American women dancing 1920's dances; a clown; The Silver Dollar Saloon Nashville on Broad Street and 2nd Avenue; Nashville, Indiana; St Joseph's church; pioneer village recreation; covered bridge festival.

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