ConvergenceLA is a media installation on the façade of the Metropolis Towers in downtown Los Angeles. The canvas for the artwork is an integrated LED display, nearly 100 feet wide by 18 feet high. The artwork itself is a generative construct, fueled by data and informed by aesthetics. It explores new ways of storytelling through an intelligent platform that both expresses and responds to the spirit of Los Angeles in a seamless fusion of digital content, public space and urban life.

ConvergenceLA receives realtime data from eight individual publicly available APIs and processes 4 million points of data per hour. This ever-changing cinematic narrative of Los Angeles harnesses demographic, astronomical, oceanographic, tectonic, traffic and climate data streams, social media posts and news feeds, and frames them within fragments of cultural and historical content of Downtown Los Angeles. An intelligent timeline uses the incoming data to inform the generative sequencing of the artwork. While a reflection of the ongoing rhythms of the city, the collected data also holds the historical chronology of Los Angeles for the life of the artwork.

ConvergenceLA can also be explored and experienced virtually with a mobile device or on a PC. This virtual environment allows visitors to navigate through the data and experience the artwork with an audio track composed from everyday sounds of Los Angeles and its data streams.