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[REPLAY] When Creativity Meets Compassion & Commitment. What does it mean to be creative to you?

Creativity. There are so many ways to express it.

What does it mean to be creative for you?

Watch the replay and find out how Mary Stone expresses creativity in the garden of life, her column, podcast, giving back, and many other ways. She also helps her clients express their individual vision as a landscape designer and garden coach for the DIY crowd.

Mary shared personal experiences and her times in nature that inspired her milestones and transformations.

She even gave a few teasers about her upcoming book.

Contact info:

Nancy Sergeant
CEO, Sergeant Marketing
Founder, Milestone Marketing Blueprint

Mary E. Stone
Stone Associates Landscape Design & Consulting
Podcaster & Columnist of Garden Dilemmas, Delights & Discoveries in the Garden of Life

Originally aired on social media 1/4/23.

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