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Milestone Mindset LIVE showcases individuals that inspire us by humbly leading extraordinary lives as a result of circumstances or by design. This includes those that help us tell our story and reach people that need our expertise, products and services. I’m your host, Nancy Sergeant, award-winning marketing strategist, creator of the Milestone Marketing Blueprint and CEO of Sergeant Marketing. We help nonprofits and businesses across the globe skyrocket their revenue by simplifying their marketing and not breaking their budget.

[REPLAY] Generating Leads with Tik Tok

[Milestone Mindset LIVE REPLAY] Wondering if Tik Tok should be part of your marketing mix? We explored that in my Milestone Mindset LIVE with Ava Seavey, founder and Queen Bee of Avalanche Creative Services. She joined me to demystify direct response marketing on Tik Tok so you can decide if it's the right marketing investment for your brand.

Ava is known as one of the most dynamic and energetic marketing executives in ROI advertising and her innovative out-of-the-box thinking. Ava has spent the last two decades as a marketing and production executive. She is fluid in all media and unafraid to embrace controversy and risk in order to achieve direct response revenue results for her clients.

I’m your host, Nancy Sergeant, CEO of Sergeant Marketing and the creator of the Milestone Marketing Blueprint. Business leaders across the globe hire us to skyrocket their profits by simplifying their marketing – without breaking the bank.

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Original airdate: 11/16/22, 2 pm eastern time on my social media channels.