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Managing Customer Relationships in Uncertain Times is Essential

Sound Email Marketing Automation Strategy Can Help You Manage Customer Acquisition and Retention Costs

Email marketing strategies are essential to manage customer acquisition and retention costs by nurturing relationships in a post-pandemic, inflationary period. Mickey Locey, President and Founder of mxTr Automation, joined me for a look at the difference between customer acquisition and retention email marketing strategies and the power of email marketing automation to cost effectively manage these relationships.

Mickey is one of my trusted collaborators. Our ultimate purpose of working together is to help clients develop leads and convert them to long-term, loyal customers.

Mickey and I walk and live the talk. We practice these principles in our own businesses.

We packed a lot into 30 minutes to give you food for thought and actionable ideas you can use right away, including:

○ Why is customer retention so important
○ Customer acquisition vs retention plans
○ Customer acquisition vs retention costs
○ Strategies for customer retention
○ Customer retention programs
○ Email strategy
○ Email marketing automation strategy

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I’m your host, Nancy Sergeant, founder of Sergeant Marketing and the Milestone Marketing Blueprint — here to help you save time and money, while building credibility, and reaching more donors and clients.

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This conversation aired live on Facebook, 6/15/22