Midwest UX 2014

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Mark Rolston - The Shapelessness of Things to Come

The state of the very world around us – objects, surfaces, even entire rooms – is about to become the interface. As designers, this means we are no longer confined to designing experiences around tiny boxes in our pockets and on our desks. Now, the world is our canvas. Computer interfaces are de-coupling from machines, and we must invent ways to project computing experiences into the world around us – onto ambient surfaces, and into our line of sight. Ever-smarter machines are evolving into components of diffuse ambient systems: a network of cloud services, sensors, social networks, cameras, and hundreds of other components coming together to replace the unitary machines we use today. We will be inside the computer. Mark investigates how this profound evolution in computing is affecting our relationship with the world, and uncovers emerging new design challenges and possibilities.

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