Sacred Roads-Session 1

Learning to Hear God's Voice.

1. How does the statement, “Focus determines lifestyle” reflect your experience?

2. Explain what it means to hear God’s voice. How important is that to you?

3. What things make you uneasy about the topic of meditation?

4. Highlight some positive developments in your life that connect you with meditation in scripture or meditation in God’s presence.

5. What kinds of things make your life crowded? To what degree does the “tyranny of the urgent” steal your life focus at times?

6. What kind of atmosphere or practices help you to meditate? ie. place, time, routine, physical position, mental preparation.

7. How can you adjust your life to give meditation a greater place in your Christian pattern?

We learn to meditate by meditating. Spend ten minutes per day meditating on each scripture portion and journaling insights.

Sunday: The glory of meditation - Exodus 24:15-18
Monday: The friendship of meditation - Exodus 33:11
Tuesday: The terror of meditation - Exodus 20:18-19
Wednesday: The object of meditation - Psalm 1:1-3
Thursday: The comfort of meditation - 1 Kings 19:9-18
Friday: The insights of meditation - Acts 10:9-20
Saturday: The ecstasy of meditation - 2 Corinthians 12:1-4