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Rebecca Murga works in Los Angeles as a writer, producer, and director of news, op-eds, and documentary films. She produces and directs short films and feature documentary segments in both English and Spanish. Her work has been featured on Mundo Fox, ABC, CBS, and AFN.

Currently serving as a Captain and Public Affairs Officer in the US Army Reserve, Rebecca has deployed to Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.


    Over 25 veterans and 3 wounded veterans worked on the cast and crew to create ONE HALLOWEEN, a NALIP Latino Lens incubator short film.

    ONE HALLOWEEN is lucky enough to to be supported by several grants, including the Panavision New Filmmakers Grant, the NALIP Latino Lens grant and a grant from the Disable American Veterans.

    However we are still raising the finishing funds for this film. If you would like to contribute and take part in the making of this film please go to :


    Writer / Director Rebecca Murga is a U.S. Army veteran and filmmaker who recently completed the AFI Conservatory Directing Workshop for Women. This year, announced at the Latino Reel panel at the Sundance Film Festival 2016, it was announced that she is a recipient of the NALIP Latino Lens Incubator grant.

    The NALIP film incubator, funded by the Time Warner Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, will provide contributions for pre-production, production, and post-production tools, resources, and assets to support the four filmmakers in the program. NALIP will also consult with these content creators on a viable distribution strategy to maximize exposure.

    Also announced at the Sundance Film Festival Latino Reel Panel, HBO announced they would signed on to distribute the films on one of their platforms in an effort to increase diverse voices in filmmaking.

  2. American Girl Trailer

    Trailer to the AFI Conservatory Directing Workshop for Women shot film AMERICAN GIRL.
    For more on the film please see:

  3. The Illustrated Man

    The Illustrated Man features Ryan Le Va whose personality is as colorful as the tattoos that adorn his body.

    Deployed in 2003, Le Va served in Iraq for 14 months straight as a member of the Military Police with the Army National Guard. His left sleeve shows a fuel pump and a piston engine representing his brother and sister
    whose support kept him going.

    Le Va’s own symbols, a spider caught in a web and a broken robot, counters his own sense of humor. “Most of us are really funny guys,” says Le Va, “and ridiculously good-looking.”


    War Ink, an online exhibit of Iraq and Afghanistan veteran memorial tattoo art. War Ink will launch on Veterans Day 2014, and represents a platform to explore the unfiltered record of war that veterans have documented on their body.

  5. The Letter | ABC Short Film

    Written and Directed by: Rebecca Murga

    Rebecca’s film "The Letter" tells the heartwarming story of a little girl who writes a letter to Santa. This year, the only thing she wants is for her mother, who is deployed to Afghanistan, to come back home for Christmas.

    “I want people to understand there are women out there who give up a lot to serve their country. They leave behind their kids, families, and homes, and don't ask for recognition or awards. They are strong women that walk around the streets, women you would pass by and never even notice, but women who would lay down their lives for their country, just like a man would. And, in some cases, they did pay the ultimate sacrifice. Those are the type of stories that need to be told”. – Rebecca Murga