MultiMedia Video Reel

We are proudly celebrating our 30th year of storytelling.

Whether it’s a narrative mini-documentary for a national non-profit organization, a technical depiction of an industrial process for a global chemical company, a network news feature, or a brand video, we are known for our clear, compelling content driven work.

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  1. Personality Profile

    This is a good example of what we are known for: compelling storytelling that we produce entirely in-house.

    But we are not just a production company for hire. We help you focus your message, shape your story, and tell it clearly and with style. We script, shoot, edit, record narration and create the graphics for the majority of our projects.

  2. B2B Marketing

    Our clients often comment that we do our homework and learn about their business when we start a project.

    Business to business communication can be complex, and clarity and detail are essential. We are known and respected for delivering content laden messages for a knowledgeable audience in a concise, compelling, and clear style.

  3. Technical Video

    We are known for our ability to depict complex industrial processes in a way that is clear and effective for a specific audience.

  4. CEO

    When the head of your company needs to be on camera, he must look good, sound confident and represent the organization with the proper tone and delivery. We are often asked to work with CEOs because of our reputation for getting the best performance, while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere at the shoot.

    This simple message was made for a global sales meeting that the CEO was unable to attend. It is a short, clear, and cost-effective video. It was completed the same day it was shot, and our client went to the airport with the finished video on a thumb drive.

  5. Marketing Video

    Parkchester wanted to show what was so special about the complex on their web site. What better way than to use a drone? This was done several years ago when this was a new technology. We had to explain why this was the best approach since it was almost unheard of when we did it.

    The complex reports that since the video (which was part of a series we did for them) was put online, occupancy has reached an all time high.

  6. Web Site Video

    Blinds To Go became aware that competitors like big box hardware stores were making their web sites into online learning centers for their customers. They came to MultiMedia Video for help doing the same thing.

    They view their highly trained sales staff as a unique asset for helping customers navigate what can sometimes be confusing: custom blinds and window coverings.

    Our series of videos, shot in different stores throughout the region, featured their staff explaining different types of blinds, how to measure, design and even install their products.