Four Roses

Shot in 4 days with a budget of 10.000 US Dollars, the feature film "Four Roses" is an exceptional example of independent filmmaking. Most critics see the film as 'an early Jim Jarmusch'. The film was selected in numerous international and independent film festivals all over the world: Cannes, Atlanta, Paris, Los Angeles, Toronto, Brussels, Memphis, etc.
Four Roses is a black and white feature film that tells the story of 12 characters who're stuck in their hotel rooms with nothing but time to kill. A writer hires a hooker but doesn't want s*x. A has been comedian talks to a reporter about his most intimate moments in life but the reporter hardly understands a word of English. Two Brazilian lovebirds are living day by day, from one dive to another. He wants to sleep. She wants to play. Two Johns wait for a third John, who's late. Two lovers in the grips of a s*xual identity crisis. A couple who has been married for fifty years just had a fight.
Written/Directed/Produced by Kris De Meester (
Starring: Brad Moore, Aldevina da Silva, John Flanders, Mieke Daneels, Felipe Mafasoli, John Samaha, Shai Shahar, Axel Devreese.