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Stripers on the Fly - San Luis Reservoir, Oneill Forebay and the Delta

A collection of videos recapping my flyfishing days on various Stripped Bass Habitat in Northern California. Videos are embedded in my personal Blog at

  1. Sunshine, Elk and Stripers on Flies

    Friday, February 9, 2018

  2. Drone Striper in January

    Got a a Striper hookup on Drone Vid today...... I almost ran out of batteries while playing a fish. You can see the line flying out of the rod while its sitting in the stripping basket while I land the drone. Sometimes you just have to make a choice.

  3. San Luis Reservoir December 27, 2017

    Meeting up with Mark Baldwin for a couple fish on a beautiful late December day.

  4. Flyfishing for Striper December Slow Down

    Flyfishing for Stripers Decemeber 18, 2017 at San Luis Reservoir

  5. Flyfishing San Luis Reservoir with Dan Dee

    This video is about 12-15

  6. San Luis Striper Winter Slow Down

    As December gets colder, so does the striper fishing.

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