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Stripers on the Fly - San Luis Reservoir, Oneill Forebay and the Delta

A collection of videos recapping my flyfishing days on various Stripped Bass Habitat in Northern California. Videos are embedded in my personal Blog at

  1. San Luis Reservoir - Another Big Striper

    Novemeber 15, 2015 40 Inches 24 lbs

  2. Big Striper Flyfishing San Luis Reservoir

  3. Eagle Canyon Trophy Trout Lakes Opening Day 2015

    Man, Im lusting for a 4K drone. Even in 1080P you can see the fish swimming around. Watch this video in HD full screen and you can almost count all the fish in the pond. The 15 pounders look like submarines....

  4. Jim Cramer on San Luis Reservoir October 2013

    Jim Cramer getting it done on San Luis Reservoir. Old, Wise and Talented.

  5. Striper Fishing on San Luis Reservoir in 3D

    Taken with a GOPRO 3d camera on September 28th 2013

  6. Fly Fishing San Luis Reservoir in September

    Fly Fishing San Luis Reservoir on September 28 2013

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