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Stripers on the Fly - San Luis Reservoir, Oneill Forebay and the Delta

A collection of videos recapping my flyfishing days on various Stripped Bass Habitat in Northern California. Videos are embedded in my personal Blog at

  1. Forebay January Stripers on the Fly

    O'Neil Forebay Stripers with Ken Oda
    January 17, 2021

  2. ONeill Forebay with Don 1-10-2021

    low and slow to make them go

  3. New Years Day on San Luis Reservoir 2021

    The First Stripers of the New Year. Isloation and its funnest.

  4. Fly Fishing with Don on San Luis Reservoir

    The Day after Christmas - The Covid Season.

  5. O'Neill Forebay Winter Flyfishing

    Not a bad day for December.

  6. The Forebay with fly-casting legend Tony Yap

    The Forebay was kind to us today. We put 30 fish to the boat on a Day that started out nearly unfishable.

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