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Stripers on the Fly - San Luis Reservoir, Oneill Forebay and the Delta

A collection of videos recapping my flyfishing days on various Stripped Bass Habitat in Northern California. Videos are embedded in my personal Blog at

  1. San Luis Reservoir - April 16, 2017

    Fishing with Steve Santucci on a full San Luis Reservoir.

  2. Another slow day at San Luis Reservoir and Forebay

    The second slow day in two weeks. Ended the day with 6 small fish.

  3. San Luis Reservoir and the Forebay -April Fools Day

    Meh day....

  4. Small Fish in the Big Lake

    Flyfishing Video Blog March 26.2017

  5. Oneill Forebay - Muddy Water Fishing

    March 10, 2017

  6. San Luis Reservoir Gets Full 2017

    Feb 26, 2017. Its been six years since the lake look this good. However. the fish are still confused.

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