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Fly Fishing - The Diary

“Poets talk about “spots of time”, but it is really the fishermen who experience eternity compressed into a moment. No one can tell what a spot of time is until suddenly the whole world is a fish and the fish is gone.” Norman Mclean

  1. Flyfishing the Solar Eclipse - Charleston SC 2017

    Fishing the Solar Eclipse in Charleston, South Carolina. Flyfishing for Redfish in the Grassy Lowcountry Flats site fishing the grassy flats beneath the Path of Totality as the 2017 Great American Eclipse leaves the Lowcountry for another 375 years.

  2. Tiny TOTALITY World -Eclipse 2017 Charleston, SC

    Shot with Nikon 360 Keymission, a DJI Mavic, a DJI Phantom 4 and a Lumix GH5 with a 300mm lens on a Zhiyun-Tech Crane Gimbal Stabilizer on a Hells Bay Boat under the center of Totality on the Lowcountry Flats flyfishing for Reds. What a day.

  3. James Cramer

  4. Expedition Casare - Angling Frontiers

    B Role Film - Fishing The Bolivian Amazon with Angling Frontiers in June.

  5. EXPEDITION CASARE - Angling Frontiers Golden Dorado Flyfishing June 2017

    Booked through Fishing with Larry. Our June 2017 Dorado Flyfishing. Thanks Patrick, Matt and Tico and the the Tsimani of Casare Camp for a memorable trip.

  6. Oneill Forebay - June 9, 2017 Tying and Testing a Pole Dancer type fly

    Tying and Testing a Pole Dancer Fly

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