Original music, ceremonies, kids’ parties and funerals.

Youthfaire, the brainchild of musician/composer Julio Monterrey, creates ultra-unique and tailored scoring and soundtracks that complement and enhance films, online videos and websites for filmmakers, agencies, brands and web enthusiasts.

With influences from early electronica and Jazz, Youthfaire offers up a melodious mixture of soundscapes that create a vast variety of distinctive textures and moods.

Youthfaire’s musical talents have been featured on pieces for GE, TED, Levi’s, Gap, Audi, VImeo, Google, Tribeca Awards, Jonathan Harris, Poptech, Sundance Channel, the 99u Conference, and the Webby award-winning series Cool Hunting Video.

contact – youthfaire@gmail.com

Youthfaire reel