Sky Foundation "Recognize the Symptoms"

For the last couple of years Sky Foundation, Inc. has tasked us with the difficult job of creating an entertaining way to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. Last year was a tongue in cheek gameshow. This year we went full on 90's hip hop music video. It's a very fine line to tread when you are attempting to create something visually interesting, informative, and hopefully entertaining yet respectful of the gravity of something as serious as pancreatic cancer.
Our hope is that this video can help raise awareness about the symptoms in a way that is memorable and shareable. We are very proud to work for such a great cause and appreciate all the hard word from the talented folks involved.

Eric Gutman Writer/Vocals
Arielle K. Crosby BackUp Vocals
RingSide Creative Vocal record & Mix
Studio Center Studio
Steven Young Stage Manager
Lisa Grosso Producer
Erik Rubner Director/DoP
Michael Rubner Production Support
David R Reynolds II Lighting
Jon Gray Camera Assistant
Louise Holoday Hair/MakeUp/Wardrobe
Johnny Waller Editorial