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Japan Food Heritages


かんずり ニッポン食遺餐探訪 vol.27

Amongst the rising numbers of tourists visiting Japan, a desire to try "Japanese food" is said to be the number one reason for wanting to visit. Despite this, Japanese food is sometimes labelled as, "lacking in flavor, bland, and monotonous." However, Japan is not without its own fair share of exquisite spices and seasonings, which are also enjoyed by many other countries. Amongst these, KANZURI is the most well known. KANZURI is one of the most unique spices in the world: made from fermented peppers, the peppers are first pickled in salt before being laid out on the snow, which helps to remove the spiciness. After this, the peppers are crushed and mixed with malted rice and the citrus fruit, yuzu, before being left to ferment and mature.
This picture shows the act of laying the peppers out on the snow ("yuki zarashi.") This is one of the most important parts of making KANZURI, and it is these freezing winter temperatures and the deep snows of Myoko-Kogen, Niigata Prefecture, which make it possible to create such a flavor.

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