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Mattia Benetti

Born in Verona (Italy) , he attended art school and then the 'Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in fresco, he delights in various branches of it, from music to painting through poetry and coming in late in 2007 to start his career as a set designer for music videos. Following important Italian directors in 2009 get to directing and photography. Get to work for majors such as Sony and EMI music and thanks to the versatility of his creativity moves between directing, and scenery photography. In conjunction with the recording project works as a photographer in the fashion industry for several companies, including international ones. The rebellious as temperamentally and spiritually romantic outlines his artistic forming a contemporary setting and a way to look at things with an eye to the future and one foot in the past.

Actually in Moovie Production, based in Milan, co-founder of "Moovie Lab", a contest where artists and students collaborate in experimenting techics, equipment and languages.


    Directed Mattia Benetti
    psychological interpretation

  2. Camo

  3. BARBARA BONNER "Directors Cut"

    Direct Mattia Benetti
    Editing Mattia Benetti

  4. Maria

    Mattia Benetti
    Eugenio Intini
    Stylist Didi Prince
    Black Magic camera
    Color.After Effect
    Moovie Lab

  5. Attilio Fontana -Wanda Official Video-

    Direct & vision Mattia Benetti
    Dop Federico Teoldi,
    Focus puller Carlo Pastaccini,
    Grip Davide Botturi,
    Capo Elettricista Francesco Alessandrini,
    Stylist Si Han,
    Produzione Caterina Teoldi,
    aiuto Nicola Schito
    Service Moovie servizi alle produzioni,
    Produzione Moovie Milano.

  6. Red Canzian - Ogni giorno è un altro giorno che ti amo ( Official Video)

    Regia di Mattia Benetti
    Dop Alvise Tedesco
    responsabile di produzione Caterina Teoldi
    trucco Daniela Zeqo Beatrice Borgonovo
    grip Davide Botturi
    aiuto Dario Scommegna
    e Daniele Fagone
    Attrezzatura Moovie servizi alle produzioni
    Produzione Moovie Milano.



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