Monika Bravo_ARCHE-TYPES:

The sound of the word is beyond sense
56th Venice biennale, Vatican Pavilion

MonikaBravo_ARCHETYPES, 2015

ARCHETYPES_ the sound of the word beyond sense. commissioned by the Vatican for the Venice Biennale 2015

The space is divided between six panels that are placed almost randomly to cover the columns that run every 10 feet, these wooden panels with vivid colors are also double sided and are used as support for the 75” monitors and floating glass that are projecting some forms of the original prologue written in greek, the monitors reveal some images of landscape combined with slow moving animations that recall Malevich paintings. A soft murmur can be heard at specific locations, as one finds the right spot, a list of words coming from the prologue are recited as a list in 6 languages, making no sense of the original meaning. The last element of the installation is a 7th wall that is all painted in a graphite grey and that holds 9 drawings on paper that have a transparent image superimposed and leaning on one of the sides, these are presented like phrases, the color forms are abstractions of the words from the same prologue written with the font that Joseph Albers created during the Bauhaus, these images like open books make no sense either, what is the meaning of the word of God? who wrote it? who translated it? what is its real purpose? Arriving at the questions of the Absolute by means of form rather than meaning opens a lot more possibilities for reflection, o so I think.

Medium and dimensions; 75” monitors, double side color wood panels 2.5 x 4 mts each, glass, lamination, projection, media players sd cards