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Social Media and the Spectrum of Modern Conflict

Co-hosted by the School of Media, Film and Journalism and the Faculty of Arts, Monash University, and the Strategic Plans Branch of the Australian Army

For those serving in the military it is an axiom that the character of war is constantly changing. The increasing use of social media in conflict, particularly by organisations such as Daesh, offers compelling evidence of this. The Australian Army recognises that if it is to counter the use of social media by adversaries or incorporate it into its own way of war it must learn more about it.

This symposium will enable Army to learn more about and better respond to the challenge of military operations in the social media space. Academics working in the social media space can explore how theories about new media play out at the sharp end of radicalisation and conflict, trace the practical applications of their work and explore new opportunities for collaboration and applied research.

  1. Building a brand amongst friends and foes - Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

    Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele leads Social Marketing @ Griffith ( and is Editor of the Journal of Social Marketing. Sharyn’s research focuses on behaviour change. She has published and presented over 80 books, journal papers and book chapters. She currently serves as an advisor on a diverse range of social marketing projects. Her current projects include changing adolescent attitudes towards drinking alcohol (see and increasing healthy eating and physical activity to combat obesity. Research partners include Australian Defence Force, VicHealth, SA Health, Department of Health and Aging, Siggins Miller Consulting, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, and Queensland Catholic Education Commission and Mater Health Services.