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LINK App - NetDocuments Short How-to Videos and Tips

Videos for using the Microsoft Word App for editing may be found here:

LINK App: Auto Check-in Edit Workflow 17:10

This is the demo video for the 9/28/22 ILTA Webinar.
This video shows our new Auto Check-in Feature in Editing. With this feature, if the attorney never checks-in their changes, LINK will check them in.

1:50 Open DMS link in email
3:29 DMS View
3:29 Viewer in split-screen mode and multi-tabbed view
5:00 Auto Check-in for edit with the Word app
7:56 Compare versions of a document
9:12 Annotation in DMS
14:00 Phishing Warning
14:32 Sign an attachment in email and send by reply
15:50 My Files encrypted storage in LINK

LINK V 3.9