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LINK Quick Tips

Quick videos of workflows & features for the LINK app.
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LINK Document Viewer 2:19

The LINK viewer provides these essential features that professionals who do serious document review need:
• Annotate in the LINK viewer: highlight, underline, strike through, and much more, including irreversible redaction; select colors, opacity, thickness; Apple Pencil is supported
• Split screen view – view two documents, two versions, or an email and a document side-by-side
• Index of: document outline, annotations, and bookmark
• Bookmark a page and name the bookmark
• Thumbnails
• Continuous scroll
• Search by term
• Go to a page number
• View one page up or two pages up
• Rotate the page orientation
After you have reviewed, and possibly marked up, your document, you then have these quick options:
• Check-in to your DMS or content management system
• Email to a colleague or client
• Save to My Files, the encrypted local storage in LINK
• Air Print

LINK by Mobile Helix V 3.7