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LINK App for Lawyers by Mobile Helix

LINK is integrated with iManage, NetDocuments, eDocs, Outlook, SharePoint, and the firm portal. It's easy to annotate, compare, edit, and email files. Open NRLs. Predictive filing. And more!

LINK App: Demo iManage & Outlook Workflows 19:48

This is a demo of LINK Workflows. All workflows apply to iManage, NetDocuments, and eDocs in LINK.

Use this dynamic timeline to go directly to a workflow demo:
0:30 Authentication with Face ID
0:33 LINK Home Screen
1:09 My Files Encrypted Storage, Offline/Online
2:02 iManage
2:09 Search
2:35 Quick Lookup of Client/Matter and Doc ID
3:00 Navigate iManage
3:17 Open file in iManage & Split-screen
3:29 File Action Menu/Ellipsis
4:05 Split-screen Mode
4:46 Edit with Word App & Check-in
7:00 Compare Edits to Prior Version
8:09 Annotate and Check-in
10:23 Email in LINK
10:36: Compose Email & Attach File in iManage
11:30 Change Email Attachment File Format (NRL, DOCX, PDF)
12:30 Open NRL & Multiple Files - Tablet
13:20 Email on a Phone
13:51 Open NRL on Phone
14:00 Doc Viewer, Edit, Annotate
14:18 Outlook Folders & Folder Search
14:56 Email Search, Sort, & Filter
15:10 Predictive & Multiple Filing to Outlook & iManage Folders
19:40 Contacts, Calendar, Notes, & Tasks: quick view
LINK App for Lawyers
V 3.9