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LINK App for Lawyers by Mobile Helix

LINK is integrated with iManage, NetDocuments, eDocs, Outlook, SharePoint, and the firm portal. It's easy to annotate, compare, edit, and email files. Open NRLs. Predictive filing. And more!

LINK App: Edit with the Word App 2:44

This video shows editing from LINK with the Word app.
We have several editing workflows.
This one is streamlined in that:
-You elect to edit with the Word app using the "Open In" function.
-From there the file opens in the Word app, ready for editing.
-You do not have to copy or save the file to Word nor do you have to navigate to the file.
-After editing LINK deletes the file from the Word app.

This the easiest Word app editing workflow which we have seen.

MDM is not required.

We call this workflow, “MDM Managed," because it uses the iOS “Open In” hook to share files from the LINK app to other apps. LINK cannot control which other apps appear in this “Open In” overlay - that is entirely in the control of the OS. Therefore, MDM (Mobile Device Management) is used to only permit firm approved apps to appear in the "Open in" overlay by using MDM.

If the firm does not care what apps appear in the "Open in" overlay, then MDM is not required. We think that most firms will want to manage that list of “Open In” apps that are available in this edit flow by using MDM.

You can use this workflow without MDM, but from a security perspective the firm has to be 100% comfortable with the fact that it will have zero control of the 3rd party apps that will appear in that "Open in" overlay.

If you have any question about this, we are happy to communicate with you. Please write to us at contact at

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