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LINK App for Lawyers by Mobile Helix

LINK is integrated with iManage, NetDocuments, eDocs, Outlook, SharePoint, and the firm portal. It's easy to annotate, compare, edit, and email files. Open NRLs. Predictive filing. And more!

LINK App: Custom Workflow - Paperless PreBill Approval 5:07 Markup, Sign, Email

This video shows an example of the Custom Workflow capability in the LINK app.

This particular workflow shows a paperless prebill approval process using LINK's in-app annotation.

In this case, the workflow starts with a prebill which accounting has saved to a Network File Share. However, the same workflow could apply to a file in iManage Work, NetDocuments DMS, or OneDrive.

After the attorney or staff person marks up and signs the prebill in LINK, they can then elect to "Finalize and Send."
The "Finalize and Send" Workflow will:
1. Append "Final" (or another key string) to the file name.
2. Save the annotated file back to the folder.
3. If the file is not a PDF format, the file will be converted to PDF.
4. Flatten the markup, including signature.
5. Email to an address which is designated in the workflow rules, such as ""

Please note that the "Finalize and Send" Workflow is configurable. This is just one example of a custom workflow.

Please let us know what you think at: contact @ mobilehelix dot com.

LINK App by Mobile Helix