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LINK App for Lawyers by Mobile Helix

LINK is integrated with iManage, NetDocuments, eDocs, Outlook, SharePoint, and the firm portal. It's easy to annotate, compare, edit, and email files. Open NRLs. Predictive filing. And more!

ILTA Webinar: Make Your Mobile Inbox Work for You, 4/29/2019 32:33

This is the full recording of the ILTA webinar on April 29 2019: Make Your Mobile Inbox Work for You With the LINK App.

This video is mainly a demo of the following:
- VIP Features - filter/sort to find LINK VIP class emails quickly; set a special sound for VIP class correspondents.
- Filter/sort by name, unread, importance, attachments & more
- Predictive filing
- Filing multiple emails at once to DMS or Outlook folders
- Import an attachment into DMS
- Set font size and preference - preview yes/no
- Search to find Outlook folders
- Compare an attachment to a document in DMS
- Annotate an attachment, then email or check-in to DMS
- Save files to My Files local, encrypted storage in LINK
- Compose an email and attach a document from DMS.

Both iManage and NetDocuments are supported.

LINK App 3.7 by Mobile Helix

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