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Placemaking is the art of indentifying the unique assets of a community to create and develop strategies and outcomes around quality of life and economic sustainability that best connects people with their place. It is an inituitive, emotional and organic process that returns responsibility to the community.

Downtown: The Heart & Soul of a Community - West Branch Fabulous Fridays

The Michigan Municipal League strongly believes that investing in our communities and downtowns is the key to Michigan’s economic growth. Research continues to show that “place” matters more than ever, as an increasingly mobile workforce seeks out places and neighborhoods before finding jobs and opening up businesses. The city of West Branch recognizes the importance of bringing people together, of creating a destination where people can shop, enjoy a great restaurant experience and attend events with family and friends. With this in mind, a group of business owners gathered to discuss ways to actively encourage more engagement in their downtown while at the same time celebrating what is unique to their area.