Mobilism 2013 ( is thé conference for mobile (web) development. It took place May 16th and 17th, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and was organised by Peter-Paul Koch, Krijn Hoetmer, and Stephen Hay.

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Martin Kool, A Successful Cross Platform HTML5 Game, From Shaping To Shipping - Mobilism 2013, Day 2, Morning, Speaker 4

Ask people about choosing HTML5 for mobile game development and they'll look at you funny. Google for success stories and all you'll find are "HTML5 is dead" naysayers.

It's tough to find a single success story out there, so if just for statistics sake...

... here's one: Quento.

It's a little math game we made, available on many platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows 8, all thanks to HTML5. The game is being used in schools, played all over the world and had nothing but positive reviews in the media. But how did that happen?

This is its full story, from concept sketch to post-launch support and all the messy little details in between.

I'll show you how we picked our framework of choice, how we handled cross-platform development in all its glory and ugliness, how to use HTML5 mobile constraints as a benefit and successfully validate a concept and find its strengths and weaknesses. I'll cover our way of marketing, launch and post-launch and share all our in-depth sales details per appstore with you, just to give you the facts.