Mobilism 2013 ( is thé conference for mobile (web) development. It took place May 16th and 17th, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and was organised by Peter-Paul Koch, Krijn Hoetmer, and Stephen Hay.

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Peter-Paul Koch, Developing for touch - The Revenge of The Web - Mobilism 2013, Day 2, Morning, Speaker 2

Touchscreen devices have become ubiquitous, but do you understand what it takes to develop for touch? First there were only the Apple-created touch events, but recently Microsoft created its own set of events. And once you understand both, you have to learn multitouch event handling. And even if you get all that right, how does touch actually work? Why the infamous 300ms lag between the touch and the following of a link? What's the deal with touch-scrolling layers with overflow: auto?

In this presentation PPK will treat all these questions and more, based on his fundamental research on dozens of touchscreen browsers.