Paulina: Nyla Sams
Erika: Kate Cabrera
Ama: Chimerie Akunyili
Nana: Autumn Gay
Mercy: Mia Adriko
Gifty: Mosope Bakare
Headmistress Francis: Kadian Eccleston
Eloise: Kendelle Grubbs

Assistant Director: Brianna Lewis
The societal perception of lighter skin as superior beauty and economic status has now grown into a billion dollar industry in the form of skin bleaching cream.

Special Thanks to: Abby Cacho, Scott Caron, Eleza Kort, Shane Fuller, Pam Walker, Evan DelGaudio, Dar Anastas and Kelli Edwards

School Girls Friday Nov 1, 2019 Performance

Director’s Comments:
I am so excited for the opportunity to share with you the work of playwright Jocelyn Bioh who has since written for Spike Lee’s second season of “She’s gotta have it” on Netflix and is now writing an African musical entitled “Goddess”. I was motivated to direct this play because it combines humor and reality into this conversation about ambition, deceit, “meangirl” philosophy and colorism in private schools through the experiences of these young African and American girls.

In Jocelyn Bioh’s interview with SpeakEasy Stage she states:
“I always knew that I wanted to write about colorism, I just never knew how to write about it in a way that would feel like it would resonate with a universal audience. Then many years ago, I came across a story about an American born, bi-racial woman who had been crowned Miss Ghana and I became fascinated with the story (as it was quite a scandal in Ghana.) It felt so clear to me that the Miss Ghana pageant officials thought they would have a more competitive candidate in the Miss Universe competition if they had a lighter skinned woman representing our country and it devastated me. I couldn’t believe that Western ideas of beauty had infiltrated that deeply into African society.”

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