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Sergei Malkin

Sergei Malkin is a licensed therapist practicing in Barcelona and the Netherlands. His approach is very inclusive, holistic, and dynamic. He will be your guide through trauma towards wholeness.

Understanding Sexuality & Identity

Sexuality, intimacy and identity


Sexuality and intimacy form important areas of human life. This area has to do with strong currents of life energy. This powerful energy can inspire us. It has to do with procreation and yearning to connect. It can offer us profound fulfilment. Yet this is also a vulnerable area. It can make us feel insecure and self-conscious. It can be ridden with confusion, judgements, guilt and shame.

When you feel blocks

Sometimes this energy flow gets blocked. There is confusion about intimacy and sexuality. It feels like a burden or an addiction. It can incite anxiety.

When you are different

Sexuality is also very powerful because it defines who we are. Man or Woman. You might discover that you are attracted to your own sex. Alternatively you may have the feeling you were born into a wrong body. What to do?

Share and cope

It is difficult to find a place to talk about these issues. We feel ashamed to bring them up with our friends. Will they judge me? How serious is this? Is there an effective treatment?

Please contact me. I can help you cope with these issues and guide you myself or refer you to a specialist. You can learn to overcome these issues and learn to enjoy love, intimacy and sexuality.

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